Ceramic Painting: a first go!

I was invited to an unusual work event last week – ceramic painting. You could take your own wine. This was my kind of event.

I’ve never done anything vaguely pottery related. It was a learning curve!! We went to Rainbow in York (a great place btw).

The tiles on the wall give you a clue to how the paint will turn out – it looks really pale and completely different when you paint it on…

I chose a plate to paint because it was flat – others were more adventurous!!

I opted for a stylised tree design. I’ve done a couple of small paintings like this.

I did several layers and then attempted to do some painterly shading effects. In retrospect I think plain block colours are probably best but you live and learn.

We had to wait a whole week to pick it up!!

As you can see the colours are much brighter. I’m definitely going back for another go!!


Cables Ahoy!

Cable stitch long terrified me. How was it possible? Would I have the patience?

I’ve always found its origins fascinating, even more so now I live in Yorkshire and am often by the sea. The stitch is apparently meant to look like rope, and was originally used for sailors’ gansys- a chunky jumper, to which the cable added weight.

This guy above is loving his….

Men themselves often used to knit these….

And tradition has it that each village has its own pattern.

I’m starting basic. I found some inspiring cables tea cosies on the net:

I thought I’d give it a go. For anyone who hasn’t tried cable it’s a lot easier than it looks. There are loads of YouTube tutorials such as this one here. Be brave and give it a go!

Here is my progress:

The cable rows are a tiny bit of a bore, but you only have to do one about every 10 rows…

I love the look of cables!!!!

Christmas Coasters

So I’ve been trying to plan for Christmas for a while. Last year I realised I didn’t have any coasters. I’ve not sorted this situation yet so this is my new TV watching project, using some left over cotton in reds whites and creams.

I hate weaving in ends as you can see! I’ve now got about 8 to do at once. Why do I always do this to myself?!

I quite like the round ones.

Can’t beat a granny square!

and another!!

I think this is my favourite. I like the cream in the middle.

Love the claret cotton on this one.

One rogue knitted one!!

What are you making for Christmas???

A Break From the Jumper! Cobweb Scarf.

I’ve loved this Boucle alpaca wool for years and have made several scarves with it….

I like using fat needles, in this case 15s, to make a cobweb effect scarf.

It is so unbelievably soft and lovely. I’ve used the full spectrum of browns and now have splashed out on ten balls of the dusty pink which I love.

I’ve reluctantly put this on my etsy site as I’d quite like the keep it!!! Oh well, I can also make another one.

Odds and Ends jumper continued…

So, I’m at the setting in of the sleeves stage:

I have a problem! My sleeves are too big.

I’ve worked out why, I’ve been far too generous with the seams up the side. Disaster! Good job this is just a practice…..

I have an option though… perhaps I can do a kind of 1940s puffy sleeve?

It could look ok… but lesson learnt for next time.

I do like the neck though. It was so easy!

I’ll update you on the finished sleeve and let you know if it works!!

Odds and End Jumper


So my Practical Knitting book suggested I make this gay “odds and ends jumper”!


I love a project that uses up all those little half balls of wool you have lying about… This is only my second completed jumper and it’s a very good pattern for the beginner jumper maker… I used greens and yellows which is what I had to hand; the pattern suggests interspersing each row with black which probably looks really good, but I didn’t happen to have any. I improvised with my stripes:


It’s come up massive as I am so bad at doing tension squares. I always think I know what the sizing is going to be like. I don’t. So don’t do this! But I am just doing this as an experiment so I am ok with it and have learnt my lesson for next time!

It’s got a really simple fold over collar which is so much better than the fiddly picking up stitches nonsense when you are new to all this!

Is anyone else sad like me? This is simply my favourite bit of the whole operation..

Now you see them –


Now you don’t!


Clearly I am a saddo.

If you’d like to try the pattern, here it is:



Have fun!


New Neckwarmer Design

So I’ve been working on a new design for a neckwarmer. I love making them as they’re quite quick. They also provide an excellent excuse to use up my rather extensive button collection!!

I chose grey as the base colour and knitted three garter to each stocking stitch.

I then crocheted the red border which sets the whole thing off I think.

I found three of these big black and grey buttons I’ve had forever. I think the red thread also just sets things off.

I’m going to try a few different colour permutations for my etsy site. What do you think?

Stylecraft Senses

So I found a load of Senses wool in a recent sale. I snapped it up as it’s gorgeous. But I’m not a big sock knitter or lace fan.

Instead I’ve used it together with regular acrylic in order to give it a bit of softness and depth, for instance in this scarf which I have just finished. It also makes great fringing.

I’m going to use some of the pink senses to create the same effect in a nice pink tea cosy soon so watch these pages for how that turns out…

Meanwhile I’m quite pleased with the scarf. I also used up different shades of oatmeal and yellow to use up some half balls. The Senses going through it gives it a bit of unity.

Well I like it. 🙂

Winter stock!

So it’s time I pulled my finger out and built up the winter stock! A friend of mine gave me a whole bag of this great orange chunky.

Really sweet of her. I immediately set about scarfing. It takes much longer, but I do think scarves look lovely in seed stitch….

so here’s the finished product. What do you think??


Blue Blanket Heaven

So, I’m a slow one, but I do eventually, determinedly (is that a word) finish projects. And here is where I am with the blue blanket I started about two years ago:

IMG_5831I was trying to photograph it but Elvis had other ideas.

Its a mixture of crochet with some knit panels down the side as I realised it wasn’t wide aenough for the bed in the spare room.

I’m actually quite pleased with it. I’ve just started a dark blue border round the edge. Nearly there!!