Sock Excitement

So I am nearly there on my first proper sock! I used to think socks were the kind of ancient and arcane craft I would NEVER master, not being an old lady or a fisherman’s wife. But look!!!   

And in even more exciting news, it fits! Ok it’s not perfect (note the rogue garter row after the ribbing!) but to me it’s a thing of beauty!!! 

I did this using a free craftsy class that was on special offer. It was not actually geared at complete beginners but I worked it out. I ditched the patterning for just stocking stitch to give me one less thing to think about. I am now a complete craftsy fan/obsessive. Yay for knitting. Yay for craftsy. 



2 thoughts on “Sock Excitement

  1. Idle Emma says:

    I love the colour you used for your socks! I still haven’t learned how to knit socks yet but I’m getting there! I just recently learned how to knit in the round using double pointed needles.


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