Sock Success!

So, I’ve finally finished the first sock!!! The excitement. Not perfect but special to me….

I finished the toe using a toe chimney and Kitchener stitch method. This is where you knit past the toe in contrasting waste yarn, then tuck it in, before securing with the stitch.


Next you stick your hand up the sock like a puppet and grab the waste yarn section before getting a new piece of sock yarn threaded on a needle, and starting the stitch.


Grabbing the “vs” you work back and forth (from the middle is easier), before pulling it all tight, and hey presto – looks like a knitted row!!!

Once you’ve done half you do the other half, turn the sock inside and scarily, cut off the waste yarn and pull it all out!!!

So there you go, my first sock is finished. It’s a real sense of achievement….




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