Bullet Journal

So I read about these bullet journal things about three months ago and was intrigued and quite excited, having worked out I had about 12 unused notebooks that various people had given me over the years. Could this help me sort out my life? Maybe. I thought it was worth a try. I’m still very much experimenting with form, and have found loads of inspiration from looking at other people’s but I am not quite there yet with the perfect format. I seem to be changing it all the time. I guess that happens though…. I thought I would share my progress so far…

Here is the lovely notebook I chose for the journal:


This was given to me by an old work colleague a couple of years ago.

I’ve tried a few weekly spreads, this is my current one:


It’s quite simple but I am actually finding it quite useful. I seem to peel off and create separate pages for specific projects, eg my training for a 10k I am doing this weekend…


I also seem to spend a few pages trying to work out what to do with my life! (Not there yet and I’m 42, oh dear)


I have started a monthly “review” spread which is really good in working out what you’ve actually done and NOT done for the last 4 weeks…


I’m always interested in what other people do with their journals.. I like mine to try and be a little bit creative. I have bought some lovely washi tape this week to add to the general jazziness..

(incidentally I am feeling very chuffed with myself for the peg storage idea)


Love to see your journals… send me links!




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