The skirt is finished! And teacosies rule…..

So finally the skirt is finished! The last bit took ages because the craftsy course suggested I stitch the waistband and hem on the machine, but I didn’t want a visible line so I hand stitched it all invisibly. I think it was worth it. 

Actually it was quite therapeutic. 

Here is the finished item….

I love it. I can even live with the pattern match fails at the seams. I think. 

In other news I have finally managed to get three tea cosies into etsy. I had a target of 5 this month but three out of five ain’t bad! I just love making tea cosies, here photographed with part of a lovely tea set I bought in vintage shop Flax and Twine in York.  (Amazing place -if you are visiting York take a look). 

Here are the three I’ve managed to get on:

Love this mad rainbow chunky wool.  Forget where I got the buttons… Whitby I think. 

Granny squares rule. This was going to be a cushion but it changed its mind. 

My favourite I think. Just because I love spotty ribbons. 

I’ve got about another three half done… Always the way!

Happy crafting weekend!!!


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