And so I am slowly trying to perfect the art of teacup candles. I’ve made a few now. I picked up…. Wait for it…. Over 60 teacups at an auction for £20 (as well as 3 teapots, numerous plates, many bits of Wedgwood and untold other bits and pieces which I am slowly trying to offload!). 

I’ve not dared to sell any of these yet as they are not quite perfect but they make good presents (I think, friends and family may disagree!!) 

If you’ve not made candles before, here’s how. 

Melt the wax in a saucepan within a saucepan of water (not directly on heat). You can buy pellets but I am working my way through a massive bag of broken candles Gary acquired for me!

Make sure you have pokey implements around eg old tongs to stir and mix, especially after you add the colouring which comes in shards like this, easily available on net, (as are all the supplies): 

A little bit of colouring goes a very long way btw. 

Then once melts you can add candle fragrance. I use these:

This has to be added at a specific temperature for best results, but I don’t have a wax thermometer yet. Not sure I’m acing with the fragrance to be honest. 

Pour into teacups which have already been prepared with wicks. 

I attach wicks using old pencils or wooden stirrers ‘liberated’ from coffee shops. 

Only fill three quarters. This is because the wax forms a depression in the centre as it cools. 

You need about 3 more gradual top ups (making sure completely dry in between) to achieve flatness!

And there you go, completed candles!

Anyone wanting to give it a go I can highly recommend starter kits. I got this one initially. It was great. Happy candle making!


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