Harrogate Find

pump room

The Pump Room Museum Harrogate

So on a recent lovely sunny trip to Harrogate I made a book find: a book I’ve been avoiding buying on the internet as it usually seems to be about £20. I went to an amazing second hand bookshop Books for All and was magnetically drawn to the craft section where I found a copy of Practical Knitting for £3.50!

practical knitting


It was published in 1947 and has all the wonderful pictures of staid looking chaps, that you would expect:


This baby looks happier than I would:


I think my favourite page is this really sinister looking peasant doll. Can you imagine giving this to a child?


I’m currently trying out a simple “odds and ends” jumper using up all your old bits of wool. Very make do and mend. I shall report on my progress!


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