Odds and End Jumper


So my Practical Knitting book suggested I make this gay “odds and ends jumper”!


I love a project that uses up all those little half balls of wool you have lying about… This is only my second completed jumper and it’s a very good pattern for the beginner jumper maker… I used greens and yellows which is what I had to hand; the pattern suggests interspersing each row with black which probably looks really good, but I didn’t happen to have any. I improvised with my stripes:


It’s come up massive as I am so bad at doing tension squares. I always think I know what the sizing is going to be like. I don’t. So don’t do this! But I am just doing this as an experiment so I am ok with it and have learnt my lesson for next time!

It’s got a really simple fold over collar which is so much better than the fiddly picking up stitches nonsense when you are new to all this!

Is anyone else sad like me? This is simply my favourite bit of the whole operation..

Now you see them –


Now you don’t!


Clearly I am a saddo.

If you’d like to try the pattern, here it is:



Have fun!



7 thoughts on “Odds and End Jumper

  1. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Oh, look at that book! How cool! And there IS something kinda fun about “zipping up” a mattress stitch seam, isn’t there? Hope you get a chance to put up a pic of your finished masterpiece for us to admire soon!


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