Ceramic Painting: a first go!

I was invited to an unusual work event last week – ceramic painting. You could take your own wine. This was my kind of event.

I’ve never done anything vaguely pottery related. It was a learning curve!! We went to Rainbow in York (a great place btw).

The tiles on the wall give you a clue to how the paint will turn out – it looks really pale and completely different when you paint it on…

I chose a plate to paint because it was flat – others were more adventurous!!

I opted for a stylised tree design. I’ve done a couple of small paintings like this.

I did several layers and then attempted to do some painterly shading effects. In retrospect I think plain block colours are probably best but you live and learn.

We had to wait a whole week to pick it up!!

As you can see the colours are much brighter. I’m definitely going back for another go!!

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