When Dogs Attack

So. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, right?

Think again. 

Even managed to bend a needle. 

Thank god for wool winders. 


Elvis is bored

So Elvis has had a little elbow op. He’s been on minimal walks for weeks- five minutes per day. He’s terrible bored. He’s laying around looking very sorry for himself. 

In between that he is begging for food with even more vigour than usual. 

He’s got a new pastime of looking out of the living room window in a kind of ‘help me I’m a prisoner’ kind of way. 

Poor little thing. He may be on longer walks next week (10mins) then 15 the next and so on. Patience little Elvis!

Elvis gets his bronze

So in exciting dog news, Elvis has achieved his bronze kennel club award for obedience!! It was touch and go. He had to do the one minute stay twice as he got distracted! Here is a dark picture of him celebrating with celery, which he loves….

And here is him looking even cuter 

Proud mummy!!!